The Postcon Project

The Postcon Teacher Training Course

The Postcon Teacher Training Programme is a thirty-day intensive course that proposes ‘Teaching as a Craft’ and offers participants the necessary tools and methodologies for the deepening of their teaching abilities.

It is based on the latest, and some not so new, findings from fields such as Neurology, Pedagogy, Anthropology, Linguistics, and from a long and enduring tradition of implicit knowledge transferral from ‘Master’ to ‘Apprentice’.

Unique in terms of its content, in terms of diversity of training, and in terms of how it is taught, the course is designed to provide a stimulating mix of group activities, focused practical work, critical dialogue and engaging presentations.

It is composed of three modules — Foundation, Consolidation and Finalisation - and it is structured into eight interlinking main themes:

The Postcon Teacher Training Course:

— REVIEWS our position as teachers.
— PROPOSES teaching as a creative accomplishment.
— QUESTIONS which knowledge is worth having.
— UNVEILS what we don't know we already know.
— DEVELOPS a more precise usage of language.
— PROMOTES congruent educational behaviours.
— IMPROVES teaching performance.


The Modules

For those who want to pursue a teaching career and everyone who wishes to refresh and improve their teaching abilities, independently of their subject matter.


Course Info

Each module lasts 10 days.

One Module
€ 1,150 +VAT
Two Modules
€ 2,090 +VAT
Full Course
€ 2,970 +VAT

Please use the application form for enrolment or for more information contact us.